Community Services

The Essential Elements of Well-Being: Wellness.

We look at wellness as a part of everything we do – from the lifestyles we provide to the programs we offer.
At West View Healthy Living, Wellness is our way of life. We view wellness as more than being healthy, it’s an approach to living that leads to an improved mind, body and spirit.

At West View, wellness is:

  • Aging gracefully with enjoyment
  • Being proactive and making healthy choices
  • Enjoying interaction between peers
  • A staff that encourages relationships – and friendships
From the amenities in our Town Square to restaurant-style dining we offer care and services designed to support all dimensions of wellness.

We believe there are multiple dimensions to whole person wellness, including mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual and at West View we offer care and services designed to support all dimensions of wellness . 

We strive to keep your mind active and engaged by offering opportunities such as video and learning games, and board games like chess or checkers. You can also spend your time chatting with friends and neighbors in the cafe.

Whether it’s walking, weight-bearing exercises, dance or fitness programs, we keep our residents as active as possible. 

Bonding is often the difference between feeling lonely and feeling loved. We encourage our residents to connect with a group of like-minded people and develop a new friendship with them. Here there are plenty of daily opportunities for socializing and staying active. 

Pastoral Care as West View Healthy Living is designed to meet the spiritual, emotional and everyday needs of our residents and their families.

We offer opportunities to learn about current or world events with outside speakers. Residents also gain perspective and insight from other residents by participating in book clubs or discussion groups.